Fine as Frog’s Hair Creations

Pam Dunn’s soap journey began 21 years ago when she and her mother took a soap making class at a little shop in Wintersville, Ohio. It is there that she learned that adding a caustic lye solution to a mixture of oils produced a wonderful, soothing bar of soap! From that point forward she read everything she could get her hands on about soap. For the next 10 years she experimented, used and gave away lots of soap and then, in 2005, she started selling her soaps at the Ohio Valley Farmers’ Market.

Fine as Frogs Hair
Handmade soaps from Fine as Frog’s Hair

Some of the more popular soaps include Spice Garden, Peppermint Pumice, Lavender, Patchouli, Jewelweed, Goat Milk, Lemon Coffee and Spearmint. They are all hand-made and hand-cut in small batches in Belmont County, the beautiful foothills of the Appalachian Mountains!

Fine as Frog’s Hair Creations got its name from a saying repeated by Pam’s dad when she was growing up. “How are you doing today, Bill”, someone would ask. “I’m fine as frog’s hair!”, he would say.

Pam’s husband, Jim, makes the wooden soap molds that she uses., and also fills in at the market on the occasion when she can’t be there.

Pam can be found every Saturday, from 9am to noon at our Bellaire Market as well as the Farmers’ Gateway Market in Steubenville, Ohio on Wednesday evenings. Like Fine as Frog’s Hair Creations on Facebook.