Mind Your Fingers Sharpening

Mind Your Fingers Sharpening owner Max Thompson can “sharpen anything” by hand including knives, scissors, gardening tools, carpenters tools, and other edged objects. In Max’s own words:

“My name is Max. I’ve been a carpenter/glazier for better than thirty years. I was first introduced to sharpening by my Grandad, Henry (also a carpenter) when I was about nine years old. I was fascinated by his tools, and especially by his pocket knife which he kept scalpel sharp to dig splinters out of his hands. One day I was watching as he sharpened that knife. He asked me “Boy, you seem mighty interested, like to give it a try?” I nodded. He told me later that I had a natural talent for putting an edge on cold steel. I’ve been sharpening ever since. I’ve learned a little, sometimes a lot. from every edge I’ve worked. Now some 51 years later I’m offering my experience to you to and hoping to keep a dying art alive.”

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mind-Your-Fingers-Sharpening-1650963185218713/